Competition rules 2016


1. All rounds in the competitions should be played and completed by the date/deadline stated on the draw. Failure to do so may result in disqualification for the defaulting player. Extensions may be granted in exceptional circumstances but only at the discretion of the Competitions Committee, which comprises the men’s captain (or vice captain), the ladies’ captain (or vice captain) and the president (or secretary). There will be no extensions to finals.

2. The first of the two names bracketed together on the draw is the challenger, who must arrange with his/her opponent to play the tie in good time, providing a choice of at least three different dates, one of which must be accepted.

3. Should the challenger or his/her opponent be unable to obtain a definite date and time to play then, three days prior to the expiration of the deadline, this fact should be brought to the attention of the Competitions Committee, who may disqualify the defaulter for non-compliance with rule 1.

4. It is the responsibility of the challenger (first named) to arrange a marker for any singles competition, except for the finals. However, if requested, the Competitions Committee may appoint a marker for the semi finals of any singles competition. The challenger may choose a preferred rink in advance of a match but, if so, this must be booked in the clubhouse diary with the booking timed/dated to avoid clashing with others who wish to play their match on the same rink and at the same time.

5. Members involved in roll ups must vacate rinks drawn by those playing in club competitions although one rink should be made available for roll ups where possible. In the event of more rinks being required than are available then rinks will be allocated in the following priority: club representative matches, county competitions, national competitions, other external competitions, club competitions. Within each group higher rounds have priority.

6. No player in a competition shall play previously on the same rink on the day of such competition.

7. The difference in minus handicaps must be played off before scoring commences in both men’s and women’s handicap competitions.

8. Club competitions played after 31 July shall not commence later than 18:30, unless a later start has been agreed by all players.

9. A member of the North London Bowling Club who has membership of any other bowling club may not enter the club championship of North London in addition to the championship of the other club(s).

10. Disputes relating to these rules, or other matters relating to club competitions, should be adjudicated by the Competitions Committee.

Passed at general meetings in 1988 and amended in 1989, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2001 and November 2013.