In 1891, a group of bowlers rented a section of meadow from farmer Tom Ward of Fitzroy Farm and founded the North London Bowling Club. The field was levelled and made into a bowling green, and one of the cowsheds was turned into a pavilion.

In around 1910, the clubhouse was built that you see today.

To safeguard the land for the club, the North London Bowling Club Limited was founded in 1924. It acquired the freehold of the land and buildings.

One of the most colourful members of the club was also a famous cricketer. Leslie Compton joined the club in 1962. He had played football for Arsenal and England and was a fine wicketkeeper for Middlesex C.C.C.

In our clubhouse, you will find a gallery of old photos including one of Leslie Compton.

Presidents Gallery
North London Bowling Club