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The club welcomes new and experienced bowlers alike. Joining is easy. Fill in the application form and email to northlondonbowlingclub@gmail.com or send to us at Fitzroy Park, London N6 6HT. The fee for membership in the first year is £85. Thereafter, the annual membership fee of £150 is all inclusive. The bowling season runs from mid-April until the end of September. You can try out the sport for up to three times without charge before deciding to join. Alternatively an afternoon's bowling can be had for a £5 green fee. New bowlers receive coaching from experienced members and can learn at their own pace.

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Dress rules are simple. Flat soled shoes must be worn on the green, and when playing informally casual clothing is fine. However, for inter-club and internal club competitions white must be worn above the waist and either grey or white below. There are no other dress rules. The club provides bowls (also called woods) for new players trying out the sport. A set of four new bowls costs between £150 and £300 or they can be bought considerably more cheaply second hand. As a member, you can practise on the green whenever you like after midday during the season. During the off-season you can take part in social events organised by the club.

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For those new to bowling, click here to watch some very helpful videos made in New Zealand. Plus seven superb short videos made in South Africa.

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NGS Garden NLBC 18th June 2017
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The fee for membership in the first year is £85.

Thereafter, the annual membership fee is £150.

The bowling season runs from 21st April until the end of September.