We welcome all new and experienced bowlers


This is the best news you’ve had all day – TUESDAY NIGHT LEAGUE (CLUB NIGHT) STARTS 14 MAY.

For the benefit of new members, this is an internal league that runs on Tuesday evenings thru to mid-August.

Format: pairs, particularly Hong Kong pairs, which will be explained to you once you are on the green.

Timing: to arrive no later than 18:00, to put your name on the play list; to start at 18:15. If you know you are running late, but can get to the club to be on the green at 18:15, please phone the clubhouse to ask for your name to be put down (020 8340 2038). The arrival time is important as the organisers need a good 10-minutes to select the teams.

Teams: the aim is to select evenly balanced teams, so everyone has a chance of winning; and, on a weekly basis, to try and rotate players so that they play with and against different people every week (not an easy task).

Dress code: none, except of course your bowling shoes.

Supper: served at 20:30, usually consisting of a hot dish with a selection of salads, all for the princely sum of £5pp. For the first week, however, it may only be cold food.

Tuesday night league is one of our most popular events at the club. Last season on the warm balmy evenings we had over 30 members bowling. There’s nothing not to like, so hope to see you there.

If you’ve any queries, please let me know.