Tuesday league
John Howes Trophy

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Well done Veronica

The free Tuesday league is the club’s regular social gathering during the season and commenced on the 15th May.

All club members are encouraged to take part in this fun, light-hearted competition.

Every week, the composition of the teams is different so you have a chance to play, and chat, with many other members. Guests who would like to try out the sport are also welcome.

The Tuesday league lasts until late August.

Please arrive at the club before 18:00 to put your name down so that teams can be drawn.
 Play starts promptly at 18:15.

Llorett and Michele presenting the
John Howes Trophy to the Club
20 May 2018

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 How to take part:

Please arrive at the club by 18:00 to put your name down so that teams can be drawn.
Play starts promptly at 18:15.

If you are running a little late but provided you can be ready to play by 18:15, please phone the club to get your name entered on the list.

The format of the match is Hong Kong style pairs playing 14 ends. This format allows you to get the experience of leading and of skipping, which are terms for different positions in a team.

Immediately after the game finishes – at around 20:30 – a buffet supper is available for a small fee. And of course, the bar is open.

There are about 12 Tuesday league matches during one season. Your best five matches will count towards your league position, so you do not need to attend every Tuesday to stand a chance of winning.
Most participants do win five matches, which means that shot difference usually decides the overall winner.


How the points work.
Two points are awarded for a win, and one for a draw.
As not everyone can play every week, only a person's best five winning scores are used to calculate the winner. Therefore, 10 is the most points that can be won, and then it comes down to shot difference.
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The John Howes Trophy
The John Howes Trophy
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