Activites all year

Bridge, Pool, Table tennis, Mahjong

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Events time:

Monday 14:00:16:00 - Table tennis
Tuesday 14:00-16:00 - Table tennis
Wednesday 14:00:17:00 - Bridge
Thursday 14:00-17:00 - Bridge
Friday 14:00-17:00 - Mahjong
Saturday 10:30:13:00 - check
Sunday 10:30-13:00 - check

[Pool is played after Club Suppers or when agreed with the events organisers]

Dave Guyver 
Cynthia Allen
Tony Kerpel
Brenda Maycox
Lisa Hamby


Ken Pullen
Alan Miller
Brigitte Ascher
Rod Allen
Peter Brighton
Aaron Wallis

Lisa - Paul playing TT
<p style="background-color:Tomato;">Ball pool on our recon table</p>


Open for discussion, please comment.

The competition format is as follows:

2 points for a win

1 point for every opponent's ball left on the table once the black has been potted as last ball. I think a maximum of 4 extra points should be allowed just in case someone is unlucky enough to loose by potting the black early on in the game, or perhaps the extra points can only be awarded once the black has been potted to win the game. (The winner has potted all their balls).

Depending on the numbers for each evening, we could play doubles or singles, all drawn from a hat to determine who's playing whom. Also by awarding victory pints to each individual person, it shouldn't matter if one week we play double or singles.

The season's winner could be determined by adding the best 5 scores.

“Bowls is a young man’s game that old men can play.’’