From: Hugh McElhinney <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2019 at 23:46
Subject: Potted history.
To: <>

Hi to all.

I have been reading all your emails regarding what's been happening in that wonderful club, the highs & lows of your season and I must say its sounds like a very good year.
As for myself it's been a very good year (as seen in the picture), this is the first time in my bowling career that I have gone through a full season playing competitive matches league games, various competition and the outcome is, seniors single champion, seniors pairs, & club rink winners.
It's nice to read the emails and think back to the wonderful time spent with great people, the nice weather. I was on Youtube watching the tea tasting (eat well for less) what a day.
Next year I will make an effort to have a few days at the club.
For now, All the verybest for Christmas and a Happy New Year.