Hertfordshire Bowls Coaching Society

 You probably know of our Skills Days
where we can work with 30-odd members on a whole green,
but let us introduce our new

“Flying Squad”

This is a group of Senior Coaches and Umpires who can - individually
or as a group - visit your club to offer help with specific problems,
working with just a handful of your members, often on just one rink.

 We don’t just work with fairly new bowlers: our expertise includes advanced work and one-to-one solutions.

 Measuring and Marking 

We also run Marking sessions for marking
 – and being marked – at
all levels from
Club comps to County and National competitions. 
Marking has changed over the years,
and it is essential that you are
up-to-date  and  up-to-standard. 

If you take part in singles comps, you need to know how to use your marker to the best effect, and if you mark for a colleague
you need to give him/her the best marking you can.

Want to know more about our Flying Squad?
 Ring the County Coach to discuss what we can do for you:

Stuart Stamp.....01923 460065 or Email stuart.stamp@ntlworld.com

from Eddie Plume

Skills Days are run by the HBCS (Herts Bowls Coaching

Society) and organised by Stuart Stamp.

Basically they can be tailored to suit your club. Full days, i.e.

10am till 4pm or we can do half days. You can choose what

sessions you would like and this will then decide on how much

time. We usually allow 40 minutes per session.

Ideally we would want between 4 and 6 per rink and we can

have between 4 and 6 sessions going at one time.

I attach a couple of information sheets. Feel free to contact

Stuart to arrange appropriate date(s)


Eddie Plume
01763 273640
07976 896718