Practising before a match on the same day


There has been a lot of discussion in the club on this issue so I wish to clarify it now. Wanda is our most experienced umpire and I am quoting from her email below: 

World Bowls Laws of The Sport of Bowls.

In the Laws, there is only 1 instance sited where players are entitled to practise on the same day on the same green.

4.1 If a player or team that has not yet played is due to meet a player or a team that has already played on the same day, the player or team that has not  yet played can practice as long as:

4.1.1 the controlling Body gives approval

 I could go on and type out the rest of rule 4 but

The North London Bowling Club is the controlling body in this instance and does not give approval for practice in our own rules.

This rule needs to be pointed out to the persons debating the matter.

As a region Umpire, I had to study these rules long and hard for my exams. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience and I would recommend the course to any interested club members.


Please note that it also means that if you go to another club you should not ask to practice on their green on the same day when you have a match there unless you know that your opponent(s) have already played another match on the same day.

Occasionally it is not possible to avoid having more than one match on the same day, in which case a disadvantaged player can request a short practice if that is possible without delaying the game.

There is one club in Middlesex, Century, which has an artificial outdoor green which plays completely differently from a normal turf green. They are expected to offer opponents a short practice before a match to help compensate for this. If their players come to our green we would be expected to offer them the same courtesy. This is the advice from Bowls England as regards artificial outdoor greens.