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Persian menu

Persian Menu (Nothing too hot!!)   Starters * Mulligatawny Soup (v) * Cheese and Ham Twists * Cheese Twists (v) Mains Persian Lamb, Quince & Saffron Stew OR Mushroom, Artichoke & Feta Swirls (v) Please advise on the number of people requiring this option. WITH * Berry and Nut Basmati Rice (v) * Marinated Kale…

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Post #10538

Betty’s menu for Thursday November 15th SOUP- Vegetarian  Mong beans Lentil Black eye beans Barley Butter squash Sweet potato Potatoes Carrots Cabbage  Black pepper Onion Garlic Vegs.oil Salt …………………………….. CHICKEN AFRITADA ( chicken casserole ) Chicken Onion Garlic Tomatoe sauce Carrots Potatoes Red/ green pepper Chili Vegs. Oil Salt/soy sauce Ground pepper Bay leaves ……………………………..…

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Good Luck to all our finalists

Lisa Hamby 4 finals, Duncan Burbidge 4 finals, John O’Flynn 3 finals, Cynthia Allen 2 finals, Brigitte Ascher, Brendon Wall, Mick O’Doherty, Vic Flack, Betty Schiavi, Julia Leakey, Toby Clark, Jean Hughes, Veronica Peck, Wanda Grzegorczyk, Aaron Wallis, Philip Mills, Jason Field, Terry Bissell, Phil Jackman, Dave Earley, Willem Van Gogh, Rod Allen

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Mansfield BC bulldozed

Bulldozers flatten Mansfield bowling club

DEMOLITION teams have flattened a former bowling clubhouse in Dartmouth Park as the future of land at the centre of a planning saga remains in doubt. Bulldozers moved in at Mansfield Bowling Club amid moves by the site’s owners to change the housing scheme lined up for the land. Developer Generator wants to double the…

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San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club visit

Lisa & Peter visiting the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club

Lisa and Peter visit San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club Blog Search Recent Posts Lisa gets her county badge. Success! Ladies Double Rink TUESDAY NIGHT LEAGUE (CLUB NIGHT) STARTS 14 MAY. First Vets victory Opening Supper great success William Stanley’s visit Recent Comments Archives May 2019 April 2019 March 2019 February 2019 January 2019 December 2018…

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Brigitte, Wanda and Jo NEWSFLASH!

Brigitte, Wanda and Jo won the area final today of the Benevolent triples Brigitte, Wanda and Jo won the area final today of the Benevolent triples and will play at the Middlesex County finals day at Lady gate BC this Sunday 3rd September at 10am. Great result for the club.

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Congratulations to Wanda & Lisa

National Senior Singles Today Wanda & Lisa were thrilled to get through to the next round of The National Senior Singles. The winning pair in Middlesex will go through to the National Championships at Leamington. “We were up against a very strong team with Terri Watkinson as Skip and Linda Hawkins as lead.  They are…

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