Our bowling season starts on Friday 19 April

It was lovely to see you all playing in your whites on Monday. I couldn't make it but arrived in time for the sun to pop out.
I took a couple of photos and have done this little fun sketch of Brendon, Dave E, Ron, Lisa and Marie. 
I'm trying to learn sketch so you won't tell who is who but I thought it was a fun memory of the day. 
Jean Hughes' lovely sketch of some of our members playing in the bank holiday roll-up - bowling in whites with the sun shining!

Come visit us and we will show you around.


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2 weeks ago

North London Bowling Club

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2 weeks ago

North London Bowling Club

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2 weeks ago

North London Bowling Club

Taylor Bowls International Charity Challenge

This year sees the 12th Taylor Bowls International Charity Challenge taking place at Scarborough Indoor Bowls Centre on Saturday 6th April from 12pm –5pm.

Since its inception the players have raised over £55,000 for charity. The current charity they are raising for is Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland.

The majority of the teams are made up from club players from all over the UK. Anyone is welcome to play in the game although it was decided that players who played last year gets 1st chance this year.

Those interested should look up The Taylor Bowls International Charity Challenge on Facebook and request to join the group. The Just Giving page for the 2019 event is

The current total for this year stands at £2,519.50! Spectators are most welcome. There is no entry fee and food is available all day. There is a raffle too with lots of great prizes!
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3 weeks ago

North London Bowling Club

Welcome, a warm geeting awaits you. ... See MoreSee Less

Welcome, a warm geeting awaits you.

3 weeks ago

North London Bowling Club

Keep away from your bowls2019/20 SOUTH SHIELDS VIPERS

We like to think of ourselves as a forward thinking club and are under no illusions that the sport has seen decreased numbers over the years and are always looking at ways of attracting new members to not only bowl but to also use the facilities within the club.

Over recent years we have relaxed a lot of rules that are synonymous with the public's image of what bowls is about. There is no longer a need to play in white shirts and grey trousers for leagues. We encourage coloured manufactured shirts and black trousers for games and we want the public to come in and try our great sport so please feel free to wear what you like as long as you are comfortable. (We draw the line at mankinis however) Coloured bowls manufactured shoes can also be worn.

2 years ago we introduced our red and yellow shirts that were designed to get the club noticed and I am quite confident in saying we achieved our objective. Love them or hate them we don't mind one bit because we just love the fact that people are talking about South Shields IBC and now recognise us whenever we compete.

With all of the above in mind we have discussed taking the club another step forward and after clarification with the EIBA and a vote within the club we will be rebranding and our teams will be known as the SOUTH SHIELDS VIPERS as of 2019/20 season and all clothing and merchandise will now sport the Vipers name/logo. (Please note the Vipers image shown is for this post and the designs etc have still not been finalised)

To encourage the local schools to research our sport and see what the club is about we will also be running a competition for school pupils to design our new badge with the winner getting a prize and the schools getting a visit to the centre for a special day.

We believe we are the first club in England to do this and it will be very interesting to see if others follow. We are big supporters of the Australian blueprint of how they run and brand their clubs and believe we need to provide a new outlook within the sport to change the negative image from all those not involved.

We look forward to seeing everyone next indoor season as the Vipers and wish everyone success.
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Keep away from your bowls
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