2020-07-17 13.12.22

Lockdown easing: 10 things you CAN do this summer

With people now looking for alternative sports that allow them to maintain social distance and play outside, the non-contact activities of bowls and golf are firmly back on the agenda. Before lockdown, an increasing number of young people had been taking up lawn bowls - once the domain of elderly men and women dressed in white.

Now Bowls England says the coming weeks and months are "an opportunity" for those "who currently don't play, to give bowls a try".

However, there are strict rules. Empty rinks are to be kept between players, clubhouses must remain closed except for essential access, for example, the use of toilets and washing facilities, and equipment must be cleaned before, during and after play.

Golf, too, has seen an uptick since lockdown. Clubs across the country have reported a boom in new members, with some in Scotland seeing more than a 100% increase in new sign-ups.