Our bowling season starts on Saturday 20 April

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Austrian meal Club Night

Brigitte will be cooking beef gulash served with rice and sourdough baguettes accompanied by cucumber salad and endive and potato salad. If she can manage it a poppy seed cake for dessert. Members and friends only. Picture for illustration only.

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Presentation night

menu 18 present

From Cynthia The buffet meal will start at 7.00, so I expect the presentation part of the event will start at about 8.30, and if you are a finalist in the club competitions then it is always best if we can present you with your award personally at this event. The menu for the meal…

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Fish pie

Fish-pie-for-blog-For illustration only

By popular request Cynthia will make fish pie. For vegetarians, or anyone who can’t eat fish pie, then there will be a cheese and egg pie instead. There will be loads of vegetables too. There is already a list on the kitchen door in the clubhouse and if anyone else wants to be added to…

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John and Raviv

lamb with butter beans and roast potatoes

November 29 club night presents: There’s been a great response for John and Raviv’s supper on Thursday so the list is now closed.  John and Raviv will be preparing a meal for us at a cost of £6 per head. The starter will be Raviv’s vegetarian option of Morrocan carrot salad, Middle Eastern Aubergines with…

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Post #10538

Betty’s menu for Thursday November 15th SOUP- Vegetarian  Mong beans Lentil Black eye beans Barley Butter squash Sweet potato Potatoes Carrots Cabbage  Black pepper Onion Garlic Vegs.oil Salt …………………………….. CHICKEN AFRITADA ( chicken casserole ) Chicken Onion Garlic Tomatoe sauce Carrots Potatoes Red/ green pepper Chili Vegs. Oil Salt/soy sauce Ground pepper Bay leaves ……………………………..…

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The Grey Heron

Grey Heron at club

The Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) is the tallest bird in the UK and is almost lanky-looking because of its long thin legs. It can often be found standing very still near canals, lakes, slow-flowing rivers and estuaries. It is a wading bird and like its name suggests it is mainly grey coloured, but it has…

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Middlesex County Luncheon

Middlesex County Luncheon

Middlesex County Luncheon — with Lisa Hanby, Gwendoline Williams, Cynthia Allen, Nadine Mullins, Hannah Hollis, Sue Apperly, Barbara Sadgrove, Terri Watkinson, Cathy Taylor, Gerry Bignell and Jane Preston.

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