Our bowling season starts on Friday 19 April

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Romesh Ranganathan

Hi, My name is Sabrina, I am a casting researcher on a brand new comedy panel show for BBC2 with top comedian, Romesh Ranganathan. Romesh and his celebrity guests will get to the heart of the hot topics everyone’s talking about with the help of his Great British focus group – THE RANGANATION! We are…

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Persian menu

Persian Menu (Nothing too hot!!)   Starters * Mulligatawny Soup (v) * Cheese and Ham Twists * Cheese Twists (v) Mains Persian Lamb, Quince & Saffron Stew OR Mushroom, Artichoke & Feta Swirls (v) Please advise on the number of people requiring this option. WITH * Berry and Nut Basmati Rice (v) * Marinated Kale…

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Guantanamo Bay live

Our very own house band, the Guantanamo Bay Social Club, will be celebrating the new season with a free concert. It is on Saturday 13 April from 8pm onwards, and all are warmly welcome. FREE!

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Veronica veggie curries

Veronica is cooking for us on our next club night on 28th February.    She will be cooking some vegetarian curries……….. Mixed vegetable curry Cauliflower and peas Cabbage with potatoes Dahl Basmati rice Poppadoms Raita Mango chutney Please reply to this message to let us know if you are coming, or sign up on the…

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William Stanley

Congratulations to Magda and Willem on the safe arrival of baby William Stanley, weighing in at 7.10 lbs. This is a rare event at NLBC and we are delighted. Best wishes, Cynthia

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Austrian meal Club Night

Brigitte will be cooking beef gulash served with rice and sourdough baguettes accompanied by cucumber salad and endive and potato salad. If she can manage it a poppy seed cake for dessert. Members and friends only. Picture for illustration only.

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Presentation night

From Cynthia The buffet meal will start at 7.00, so I expect the presentation part of the event will start at about 8.30, and if you are a finalist in the club competitions then it is always best if we can present you with your award personally at this event. The menu for the meal…

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Fish pie

Fish-pie-for-blog-For illustration only

By popular request Cynthia will make fish pie. For vegetarians, or anyone who can’t eat fish pie, then there will be a cheese and egg pie instead. There will be loads of vegetables too. There is already a list on the kitchen door in the clubhouse and if anyone else wants to be added to…

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