Brilliant turnout for the clean up weekend

A BIG THANK YOU to all the  29 people who turned up today to help with the clean up effort.  It was a magnificent turnout, and certainly a record; good humour prevailed and we were able to complete many of the tasks on the list.  The sunshine helped and everyone seemed to enjoy the soup which was inspired by Brendon's meal on Thursday.
Although it is hard work this effort gives a real boost to the start of the season, as the clubhouse looks so much better, and the grounds look splendid with the newly painted benches and chairs. One area, which most of us have rarely seen, is the top garage and we had a determined group clearing ivy, which had taken hold inside as well as out, and sorting out the contents so that it is now a much more usable space. The cleaning also extended to the gutters which is a thankless task.     Cynthia