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Finchley and District Competitions

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We have already received the entry form for Finchley & District 2017 competitions.  This has been sent out early to try and encourage more competitors to enter.  A copy of the entry form is attached and hard copies will be displayed in the gents and ladies dressing rooms.

There are four competitions:
 Singles (separate comps for men and women)
Pairs (can be all men, mixed or all women)
Triples (can be all men, mixed or all women)
Officer’s singles (open to club secretaries, treasurers and, I think, presidents)
For those of you contemplating entering external comps, perhaps for the first time, this district competition would be a good starting point, before climbing to the heights of county (Middx) and national (Bowls England).
Cost is £3 per person per entry.
If you wish to enter, would you please write your details on the hard copy in the clubhouse, or send me an email.   I will return the composite form in due course to Alan Oldham.
Let me know if you have any queries.
Regards, Brenda
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