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Barnet council anti-bowling?


Barnet Council is threatening to close some of the parks bowling clubs.  They are looking to save £100.000.  This affects 8 clubs including East Barnet Valley, Oakhill Park, Finchley Victoria which has 2 greens, Mill Hill, friary Park...and others which were not named.  Each club has been told to produce a business plan by January to show they are viable with less or no support from the Council. It was the representative from Friary Park who raised this as they have so few members that they are very vulnerable. Oakhill Park has a strong membership and may be able to cope with this. Finchley Victoria have said that the think they have some sort of protection from an ancient trust as the land was donated by Queen Victoria for specific uses. F&D say they will do what they can to support but of course their powers are limited. It was mentioned that this goes against Barnet's policy to get more people active and into sporting activities.

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