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Founded in 1891

Cynthia Allen President
Cynthia Allen President

Lawn bowling for everybody

The club nestles on the edge of Hampstead Heath below Kenwood and enjoys one of the most beautiful locations of any of London’s bowls clubs. When playing on the green you feel transported to somewhere in the English countryside. Founded in 1891, the club has a long and illustrious history, as well as great facilities including a large clubhouse, a members’ bar and a car park. New players, experienced or novices alike, are welcome to join. Benefits available for a very reasonable membership fee include tuition, borrowed bowls and unlimited access to the green. Unlike golf clubs, no green fees are charged.

Bowling activities

The season runs from mid-April to the end of September. Members can access the green at any time after midday and play for as long as they wish.

Informal matches, also called roll-ups, take place on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. In roll-ups, teams are picked from those who turn up on the day.

On Tuesday evenings from May onwards, friendly social matches are played and guests are very welcome to take part. After the match, a buffet supper is served for a small fee per head.

The fee for membership in the first year is £70. Thereafter, the annual membership fee is £145. The bowling season runs from mid-April until the end of September.

The clubhouse

The club has a large, charming clubhouse with the air of the 1930s about it. Visitors to the club remark on the character of the clubhouse and enjoy our gallery of historical photographs. The clubhouse can be used by members for social events, dinners, bridge games and pool competitions.

A well stocked bar with very attractive prices helps to refresh players and guests. The bar manager responds gladly to individual preferences when buying stock.

During the closed season from October to March, social events are held in the clubhouse on a regular basis.

A beautiful garden surrounds the green and is tended by members with a horticultural bent.

View of the clubhouse from the green on a summers evening
View of the clubhouse from the green on a summers evening
Bank Hols match- 6
Tulips montage - 5
Coaching one man bowling

Bowling is for you

New players, experienced or novices alike, are welcome to join. 



Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our club that we hope makes it easier for you to consider joining us. Many of us think of lawn bowling as an older persons pastime – well there are many senior members but, bowling is a sport which can be enjoyed by all regardless of age or ability or sex.

Panorama view of green
Panorama view of green
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